Fruits, Vegetables & Flowers

Vegetables and fruits are usually harvested before their time to offer a perfectly ripened product. To achieve this goal, bananas, avocados, mangos, stone fruits and tomatoes, for example, are picked and stored with a minimum of ripeness until they have reached optimal ripeness for the end consumer due to post-ripening.

But it is not only about traditional outdoors crops which depend on a particular climate. Flowers and plants cultivated indoors also need a good homogeneous air quality. Regular circulation of the air masses must take place here, in order to contribute to the oxygen and CO2 supply of the plants, better control of pests and diseases and yield optimisation.

Whether edible or not, indoors or outdoors, the climate plays an important role in the ripening process and the growth of plants and fruits of all kinds.

To guarantee these perfect environmental conditions, ZIEHL-ABEGG offers special fans which are perfectly suited for this purpose due to their technological lead. The air supply is always precisely distributed on and between the products so that an optimal climate is guaranteed at all times.

Animal, Fish & Seafood

There are a lot of different animals on farms for livestock production. Whether pigs, cows, chickens or lambs, animal production is significantly influenced by various factors nowadays, linked to social environmental, human and animal welfare factors. In order to guarantee the health of the animals in the stables, air quality plays an important role; usually the natural or also passive called ventilation through building openings is not enough or not sufficiently controllable. Ventilation systems are to provide optimum living conditions for stock: fresh air to breath, thermal comfort and stale air removal (microbes, dust, harmful gases and water vapour). The big advantage is the independence to nature (heat, moisture, wind) and a better control over the farm environmental conditions. 
But not only the animals on land, also fish and seafood need oxygen for life to grow fast and healthy. The oxygen content in natural waters is normally balanced with the flora and the fauna living there. The situation is different in aquaculture ponds. There the oxygen is consumed much faster by the biomass of plants, fish and other animals. In order to counteract this, the water in the ponds is enriched with oxygen with the help of fans and the fish and seafood are helped to grow faster.
For all these applications ZIEHL-ABEGG offers suitable solutions from the product portfolio of fans.

Storage Technology

ZIEHL-ABEGG offers axial fans and installation solutions that also protect harvested or processed plant foods from spoilage during storage, preserving their texture and nutrients until they reach the end user.
Farmers and storage companies are constantly faced with challenges. 
Moisture plays an important role not only at harvest time, but also in the storage of grain. The avoidance of condensation is a top priority here.

Drying and ventilation after harvest as well as heating and cooling in silos play an important role, while the ZIEHL-ABEGG fans support this process efficiently. This increases the quality of the grain and the hay harvest.
For this purpose, various specialised products from the fields of axial and centrifugal fans are available.



ZIEHL-ABEGG Fan Solutions

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